Richard Pinney

Photo 2013 by Deone Jahnke

  • First Place, 2013 Wisconsin Singer/Songwriter Series Song Contest
  • "acoustic fingerpicking and slide that fans of Ry Cooder will appreciate" ~ Shepherd Express
  • "jaunty picking style, lyrical freshness, and an attractively tensile country-folk voice." ~ People Magazine
  • "...first rate" ~ Variety


Video note: Recorded with a Nikon 5100 DSLR camera. Audio was either synced with a Zoom H2 recorder (dual-source recording with clapboard/slate to sync) or used external mics with an XLR adapter.

Palette of Arkansas

©2013 written and performed by R. Pinney

I was born in Hope, Arkansas. My dad and two brothers would sing 4-part harmony on the road trips from Wisconsin to visit my mother's people in Morrilton, Arkansas. I remember the exact moment at age 16 that, outside Oppelo, AR on the road toward Petit Jean Mountain, I heard a real gospel string band play live on the radio for the first time. I bought a banjo when I got home. Arkansas has never been far outside my peripheral.


Diamond Ringo

A song from the outskirts written after I had left them behind. Maybe a result of reading Colin Wilson's book, "The Outsiders" in my twenties.

©2013 written and performed by R. Pinney

~Gig with Randy Sabien at The Bong Center, Superior, WI