Lucky to have shared the bill with these great artists (click here for full list)

  • Big Willie Dixon
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Buddy Rich
  • Dave Alvin
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Stephane Grappelli
  • Greg Brown 
  • Tuck and Patti
  • Lowen and Navarro
  • Corky Siegel
  • David Bromberg
  • Paul Cebar
  • Willy Porter
  • Louden
    Wainwright III
  • U. Utah Phillips
  • Pete Seeger
  • Steve Young
  • Leon Redbone
  • John Fahey
  • Sonnie Terry 
    and Brownie McGhee
  • Steve Goodman
  • Iris DeMent
  • Joan Armatrading


Richard Pinney's classic album "Devil Take My Shiny Coins" (Mountain Railroad Records) was on several critics' lists of that year's best. It was engineered by the legendary bluesman, Dave "Snaker" Ray. It featured Bob Dylan's backup players for "Blood On the Tracks" and Bonnie Raitt's first producer, Willy Murphy, on bass.

Early in his career Richard was teamed with Greg Brown. They recorded a live album, "Hacklebarney", now a collectors' item based on Brown's fame and the several songs that can only be found on the disc. The admittedly raw performances showcase the two at the very beginning of their careers. 

After they split, Richard toured on the prestigious Coffeehouse Circuit out of New York City. 

His songs have recorded by Michael Johnson, Mimi Farina, Jim Post and others.

Richard worked in Los Angeles for eight years where he was on the staff of TriStar Pictures and The Olympic Games. At Chameleon Records, he championed the acoustic duo Lowen and Navarro who were signed to record their first album on the label. He introduced Lucinda Williams to the label and she was eventually signed for "Sweet Old World". He was involved with dozens of independent record labels and genres: punk, alternative, metal, jazz, rock, folk and others.

Returning to Milwaukee, he was an A&R rep (talent scout) for Narada Records (MCA distributed, later bought by Virgin Records). He managed Willy Porter early in his career. 

He is a web developer and graphic artist serving as a technology consultant for progressive political causes, ecommerce sites and nonprofits.

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